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I’ve been freelance designing for over 3 years now – since 2014 – and I wanted to share to you and other designers my experiences with these blogs. To find out more about me, check out my about page. I hope you enjoy the readings.

I’ve been swamped with a couple huge projects that kept me away from building on my blog. The whole purpose of it is to spread the knowledge I’ve learned and (hopefully) inspire others. So recently, I got into a huge Facebook debate with one of my friends about the tension between white officers and African Americans. A lot of people chimed in on the topic with varying positions. The story goes: A young woman was harassed by law enforcements over traffic violations which lead to her unfortunate death and (here’s the kicker) her 5 year old child being shot in the crossfire. The child survived, thankfully. I took the position to not garnish her with a #BlackLivesMatter tag because I felt it was highly irresponsible and selfish of her to allow her child to witness her death. If BLM, why would we choose to celebrate a woman whose actions risked the life of an innocent child. He (the child) will now have to deal with the psychological damage and confusion of watching his mother be killed by the police. Where did his life matter in the situation – after his mother’s death? Or before the situation escalated? However, all the back and forth banter got me thinking; are we living in present or for the future?

I recently read an article on this topic written by Vivek Wadha, LinkedIn Influencer, entitled, “I already live in the future – and so should you”, and it made me think of life from my perspective. While he lives the “comfortable” lifestyle “near the top of the technology and innovation food chain”, here I am (like most of you) just embarking on my career journey. I, too, would like to reach the pinnacle of my career but am I actually working towards that goal? Ask your self, am I doing this to satisfy a problem or am I creating an alternative solution to the problem? Let’s explore it in terms of design.

When I’m contracted for a job, the first thing I do (after the initial consultation) is research the request to find examples of similar works. Then, I develop concepts using the research to complete the job. Afterwards, I gain a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that usually dissipates after a week or two and i’m on to the next project. I have solved the issue presented to me. This is living in the present. In order to master our crafts, we must always be willing to take things a step further. The sad part about living in the present is that you rarely get the opportunity to make a lasting impact. I want to leave a lasting impact with my design solutions and, in order to do that, I must design for the future. I have to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zones and create new innovative ideas and concepts that change the way people interact with design. My goal is to become a branding expert and I can not become that if I’m always looking for what someone else has done. There are no set guidelines to living for the future and the beauty is that it can be whatever I can imagine.

I’m ready to live in the future. Are you?