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My passion is to create things that excite people. Throughout my career, I have guided start-up companies as well as established businesses by developing brand identities that they can be proud of.

My goal is to continuebuilding brands that create community, and empower the people in them.

Visualizing Brands Since 2015

With nearly 10 years of graphic design experience, I craft stunning visuals that tells the story of a brand. My expertise in branding allows me to implement design through traditional and digital media, website development, and photography.

Recently, I’ve been studying Color, Materials, and Finishes (CMF) and how it can be applied to brand design.

Combining these two disciplines would allow me to create compelling brand narratives and activations that resonate with a brand’s supporter group (or target audience) from visual recognization to user interaction.

About Me

At an early age, I fell in love with the idea of creating things. I enjoy sketching, photography, research, and social sciences. The harmony between these passions makes me a great designer for companies looking to a build community around their brand.


I excel at creating visual identities and can offer unique perspectives on industry trends. Since working in both non-profit and for-profit sectors, as well as freelance, I am fully prepared for the many obsticales brands face.

The Elect

The Elect is a collective of multidisciplinary designers who collaborate on various projects. My primary role is to provide visual identity and creative direction on projects.

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Detroit, MI

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